Telephone switchboard ColibrìPBX


The telephone switchboard ColibrìPBX is the heart of our telephone systems.

It’s a project based on Asterisk ©, the open source software for the most popular private branch exchange in the world.

In particular, we work with FreePBX © distribution.

We’ve developed a web interface to facilitate our client’s access to the main features.

From here it becomes easier to access the address book, check the call log, access voicemail and set up various functions quickly and naturally.

With ColibrìPBX you will have access to all of the most advanced features without any additional licensing fees.

You’ll also have a professional instrument that can introduce the unique mechanisms of Unified Communication into your daily life.

Your telephone system needs to have a reliable and modern core, and we provide it to you through top quality hardware. You can check out the various ColibrìPBX models below.

Open source, possible third-party integration and scalability make our telephone system the culmination in the world of telephone systems.

Available in hardware, virtual machine and cloud versions.

Telephone switchboard ColibrìPBX, terminals and hardware accessories can be composed and integrated in the varied ways to meet the most diverse needs.

The system can easily be interconnected with ISDN, analogue and VoIP lines.

Technical expertise and field expertise enable us to provide infrastructure specially designed and installed for:

building, manufacturing and breeding industries;

hospitals and nursing homes

hotels and congress centers

tertiary sector and the service providing industry

call centers and department stores

multi-company systems

home automation

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