Management of the IT infrastructures


Every economic activity requires a correct Management of the IT infrastructures. Nowadays, it is fundamental to take this aspect into account. Whether it is sale servers, small data centers, production lines, supermarkets or companies with offices in or outside Italy, an accurate construction and administration of the IT infrastructure optimize work processes and mean avoiding costly delays.  DaBaTech offers solutions for all kinds of information platforms, enabling the management of computers and servers, both remotely and on-site, and from multiple local networks or from any place via IP, keeping energy consumption under control.

There are several opportunities, such as:

Allowing more users to operate simultaneously on one or more server,

Supporting serial and USB connections on a single hardware

Checking and monitoring all the server activities from a single workstation

Providing access to several servers and computer via IP

Monitoring energy consumption

Local, remote and global access to the management system of the IT infrastructure

Moving between computers on a single screen (or multi-screen station) with just one click.

Management of the IT infrastructures

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