DECT IP phones and Wi-Fi phones


To communicate in mobility.

DECT IP phones and Wi-Fi phones are practical because they allow you to communicate in mobility within your business. There are multiple types of operations with this need, from creative to productive. Cordless is a tool that needs to be adapted to the office, but also in medical labs or even the harshness and racket of a steel plant.

The required coverage radius may also vary, from adjacent rooms to detached warehouses and multi-storey buildings.

For every need, there are different DECT IP phones and Wi-Fi phones: simple and stylish for office and executive use, IP65 for use in humidity, impact-resistant for use in the most extreme contexts.

First of all we help you choose the right infrastructure. We design and install DECT infrastructures or the most modern WiFi networks to allow clear, secure and uninterrupted communication.

Everything tailored to your actual needs!

Everything also tailored to your planned needs!

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