Video phones


Defining these products simple video phones is greatly reductive.

If they were just phones with a screen and a microcamera, their use might seem problematic: it would also require all the speakers to have a similar device.

Instead, they are versatile devices, with many possible uses.

First of all, the video telephones we offer are all based on Android platform. All are equipped with a full color touchscreen display. This makes it possible to add third-party applications that enhance their use in professional communication and not.

As IP equipment can be connected to IP video door phones, it becomes an ideal terminal for access control.

In some versions (Yealink SIP-T58A), you can also associate additional keyboards, making the phone an operator. It is, thus, possible to have the access control function and “switchboard” in one product (more precisely, a post-operator position).

The Grandstream and Gigaset models also feature wall mounted kits, and are ideal for prestigious environments such as company or hotel congress halls.

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