Conference Phone and Video Conferencing


Conference Phone and Video Conferencing devices facilitate group collaboration and are particularly suitable for realities that need to communicate with colleagues, partners, customers, and collaborators with whom it’s difficult to meet in one location. We can provide devices suitable for small rooms or large meeting rooms to create up to 30 participant conference calls.

These are products that can interface with analog and IP lines, compatible with wireless and Bluetooth devices. You will then have a very versatile tool, which can be connected to computers, mobile phones, a corporate telephone line or internet. Communication, in this way, becomes truly of multimedia quality.

Versatile systems that can be combined with other devices.

You can use these products in combination with the most common devices such as smartphones and PCs, even via integrated Bluetooth.

The potential of your audio conferencing and videoconferencing can be further enhanced by adding expandable microphones, webcameras, telecameras and speakers.

You are just spoiled for choice, and we will help you find the one that best suits your needs.

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