Headphones and Earphones


Headphones and earphones are increasingly used.

The diffusion is partly due to the need for mobil communication.

The ever-increasing quality and reliability of these devices is making it an increasingly popular tool in workplaces.

Employee concentration and work time are to benefit!

Where the use of the phone is intense, the switch to professional headphones allows for greater concentration, excluding external distractions. This is an option to consider for those who work, for example, in an open office space.

The use of headphones and earphones also keep us hands free, helping to optimize times and working modes.

Mono or bi-directional headphones, wifi, bluetooth or cable, there’s a solution possible for every need.

Jabra and Plantronics are world leaders in the industry, offering products for the most diverse uses. This certainly increases the range of choice, but can leave the customer, who must invest time and attention in choosing a product in line with their needs, a little disoriented.

With DaBaTech you can choose comfortably: we take under consideration your needs together and then propose the best solution to you.

Below are some examples of products that our customers are already using.

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