Infrastructure and Telephone Systems


The infrastructure and telephone system are critical factors in facilitating a company’s daily tasks.

For this reason, it should all be tailor-made.

We listen to our clients, offering a configuration of products which makes their company’s communication faster and smoother while improving productivity and efficiency.

The functions listed below are available in all of our systems without additional costs.

Through each of them, we offer a series of services.

Upon request, we integrate Unified Communication’s features.

Infrastructure and telephone systems with DabaTech reveal their true potential.


Funzionalità avanzate

Queue Management

The possibility to queue the inbound calls until an operator is available

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

To facilitate your calling experience through customizable multiple choices.

CDR (Call Detail Records)

This service creates a call detail register (making possibile to visualize missed/received/carried-out the calls) which is also exportable for statistics reports.

Internal call

Simply digit the internal number and start a conversation with your co-worker.

Ring Group

The possibility to create various "ring groups", so that more than one telephone rings simultaneously or one at a time.

Custom Dial Plan

The possibility to define what PBX does when you make a call.

Answering service

Can be activated when you are absent or unavailable, welcoming the caller with a general company greeting or personalizzed message.


The possibility to listen to a vocal message in the traditional mode or to receive it by email.

Hold Music

Music or promotional messages that can improve your professional image to make being 'on hold' pleasant.

Night&Day mode

The possibility to set two different answering modes according to the time of day.


The possibility to auto-configurate telephones through a server connection.

Audio Conference

Change your company's concept of meetings, saving time and reducing cost.

Follow me

Active this option and you'll always be available.

Call Recording

Record your calls for listening and storage purposes.

LCR (Least Cost Routing)

The numerous LCR classes can be personalizzed to manage outbound calls.

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