Building sites, Industry and farms

Building sites, Industry and farms

Solid solutions where clear, precise, immediate communication must be guaranteed even in difficult conditions.

Building sites, Industry and farms, but also livestock. They’re all workplaces subjected to numerous environmental strains. Here you work with another degree of mobility, so cordless solutions are a generally sought after.

There are often various types of dust, water or other liquids present. This requires the use of special terminals, such as cordless phones with an IP64 or IP65 degree of protection (with high dust resistance, splashing, vibration and shock resistance).

When the noise in the work environment is particularly elevated, it ‘s possible to use cordless telephones equipped with vibration and light alerts. Headphones can also be connected to them. Cordless phones can also be associated with a wall-mounted flashing light system that signals incoming calls.

Mobile communication is a basic need for these environments. This need can be met with DECT or WiFi systems, designed to ensure an absolute garauntee in the communication flow.

The system is modular, expandable and secure; ideal for large construction sites. Our work at Colombo Buildings serves as an example.

Telephone infrastructure and security for building sites, Industry and farms.

ColibrìPBX is based on an international standard (Asterisk, FreePBX application), which makes it easy to integrate with third-party solutions. This is very useful in building an efficient business security system.

Not everyone knows that telephone infrastructures can also vastly contribute to the quality of the security system. This is an important opportunity for productive contexts, like agriculture, animal husbandry and building and industry sites.

In this case, it is essential to work with the person who, in the company, takes care of it. We can integrate, for example, valuable features for both the individual worker and the overall management in the field or in the internal work groups. For example:

  • alarm function with simultaneous calling to all interior numbers (critical while signaling an emergency in progress);
  • integration with access control systems;
  • Emergency call interphone “one button” devices with – recorded messaging and one way or two-way communication;
  • cordless phone with “man down” function.

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