Call Centers and Shopping Centers

Call Centers and Shopping Centers

Where business is tracking, monitoring, archiving, and analyzing large call flows

Our staff designs and manages systems that consistently manage large call flows: typical examples are Call Centers and Shopping Centers (ie shopping malls).

Infrastructures of this type need systems with a non-stop design. So, redundant hardware is used which protects against system failures. In these realities, a continuous and detailed analysis of the work done by the interior staff, both singularly and in groups, is carried out.

For example, for call centers, you have simultaneous :

  • management codes;
  • displaying the number of pending calls;
  • visualizzing Online customer wait time;
  • calls addressed to the first free line;
  • direct access to the conversation by the system administrator;
  • daily, weekly and monthly reports, by type of request, geographical area or duration of the conversation;
  • call recording.

Call centers are characterized into two main types:

  • widespread call centers that take advantage of home-based opportunities;
  • centralized call centers.

A different phone infrastructure needs to be designed for each one:

  • in the first case remote management is the most characteristic aspect (VPN connection for each station);
  • in the second, the noisy atmosphere is abated by an appropriate combination of headphone set and microphone.

Specific solutions such as:

  • interfacing with a diffusion audio system;
  • enabling telephones for voice announcements;
  • virtual direct line for each store, with inbound and outbound calls as if they were a dedicated line.

It is the nature of the retail sector of big shopping malls that each shop in the facility deals with the retail of a specific item. Every shop is supported by the same infrastructure system, but each one needs its own individual mode of operation.

In shopping malls, for mobile staff, it is useful to think about cordless wifi, connected to the local network.

Finally, Call Centers and Shopping Centers can be connected: often one is integrated with the other, as it is with customer service.

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