Hospitals and nursing homes

Filling the needs of nursing homes and hospitals

Residential and day care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, as well as clinics and communities all need specialized infrastructures.

In general, outward communication doesn’t require any more attention than that of other types of organizations.

On the other hand, the intensity and forms of internal communication are of a more distinguishing character.

It should be taken into consideration that, in each of these structures, there are different types of professionals working and each of them has different needs. For example, there can be health workers, social workers, administrative staff, maintenance workers and cleaning staff members.

A structure with several buildings can be very articulated, as well as the use of it’s premises. Administrative offices, bedrooms, stores, medical facilities, corridors and elevators are generally located on several different floors.

In 24-hour facilities, there are different communication requirements to be met between day and night shifts. This is something that must be taken into consideration.

For example, on-call staff management can be simplified.

Devices and configurations according to necessity and work styles

You can activate wall telephones which are activated only on an internal circuit, corridor intercoms for direct communication with the office of the housekeeper and so on.

Some realities choose to have DECT system with cordless service that covers large spaces with rooms, corridors, salons, even when located on different floors. The facilities can be tailored to ensure that service personnel can always be reached, thanks to the specific search functions available on some types of cordless.

Hospitals and nursing homes can provide a phone in each room and add some of the typical ‘hotel’ features as well:

  • IN-ROOM ALARM. Alarms can be set by phone or computer. You can also set group alarms in a few easy steps. And if the guests don’t respond to the alarm, the system alerts the reception.
  • BLOCK-UNLOCK FUNCTION. The switchboard allows you to lock and unlock individual phones as needed, thanks to the software inserted directly on a networked computer.
  • FORWARDING AND RE-DIRECTING CALLS. Useful for managing reservations and other customer services, also from outside: calls to one or more lines of a nursing home they can be re-directed to a mobile phone or another landline.

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