Conference Calls and Productivity with Softsolutions!

How to facilitate distance collaboration

The conference calls tool is caracteristic of SoftSolutions! This company operates in the field of applications for the telecommunications market. Clients and partners are often located in other European countries. This makes it difficult for people to meet. The solution to the problem is the telephone conference. With this tool, virtual rooms are actually created. By request of Softsolutions! we’ve activated 5 conference halls.

conference call

Each has been assigned a VoIP number with 16 simultaneous voice channels. This means that up to 16 users can participate in each conference call.

Conference call : a tool for enhancing group collaboration.

The conference call is the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way to allow a group of people to work together from different locations. It’s enough for the participants to have a telephone line either landline or mobile. The only limitation is in the telephone lines themselves. In the case of Softsolutions!, the problem can be solved by activating VoIP number, which can guarantee a sufficient number of simultaneous voice channels.



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