Retirement Home S. Giuseppe


At Villa d’Adda, Dabatech has acquired a new important customer: the Residential Care Home run by the San Giuseppe Institute.

It is an accredited health facility for the reception of 220 guests, usually men and women over the age of 65.

It’s an important reality, large, in which we are present with both divisions, Energy and ICT.


The request by RSA San Giuseppe was to have an efficient telephone exchange, in step with the times and simple to use. At the same time, they would have to meet the typical needs of a structure like: mobility, safety and reliability.

During the design we paid special attention to customer requests, so pack a custom-made product able to interconnet various technological and engineering reality.


It is exactly thinking about the needs of safety and reliability expressed by the customer that we have installed two “redundant” telephone exchanges (the second telephone exchanges has the work too make a copy and speculate from the first and intervene in case of hardware failure) thanks to which a remote physical failure but a central, the second would continue to work, therefore ensuring the customer didn’t have even a minute of downtime.

In thinking instead to mobility continues internal structure operators (doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, OSS and ASA), we designed and installed a latest-generation DECT, for a total of 26 antennas.

Then we provided very feature IP65 with cordless and usable even in extreme environments.

Thanks to our telephone exchange Colibrì PBX we then replaced the telephones of structure, which manage the numerous entrances, with the latest generation of videophones.

The intercom call is hadled by thr PBX and routed on the videophone of receptionist on duty with a HD video quality.

Some numbers:

  • drafting of about 6 miles of network cable and 2 km of optical fiber;
  • 8 installation rack cabinets, interconnected with the optical fiber backbone;
  • 64 installation of fibre optic sockets;
  • 200 outlets of installation of UTP CAT6 data.

Here are the system configuration:

  • n. 2 Colibrì PBX in server Health & Wellness Configuration: two server (cluster) make it extremely reliable because health care needs do not permit the interruption of service;
  • n. 21-cell dect, antennas that ensure uninterrupted coverage of cordless phones throughout the structure;
  • supply and configuration of n. 30 cordless telephones;
  • supply and configuration of n. 50 phones;
  • supply and configuration of n. 4 video intercoms and a videophone to interface with any gaps in the system.


Colibrì® high-performance technology has allowed RSA San Giuseppe to reach the required level of telecommunications technological development. Thanks to DaBaTech technicians and its customized solutions, the company has enhanced its efficiency, has increased its security level and above all was able to make use of all the flexible and advanced solutions offered by Colibrì®. Behind Colibrì user-friendly interface, there’s great teamwork and an efficient technical and commercial organization.