Colombo Costruzioni


Colombo Costruzioni S.p.A. is a joint-stock company, leader in the construction industry, with an innate predisposition for large and ambitious projects. Colombo Costruzioni has been active since 1905 and has its headquarter in Lecco. Among its projects there are major projects and urban redevelopment works, just to mention a few, Porta Nuova Garibaldi in Milan, the ‘Le Albere’ complex in Trento, the Isozaki Tower in Milan, ‘Parco della Musica’ Auditorium in Rome, the Italian headquarter of Sky TV in Milan and many others.


The company's main concern was to improve its efficiency and to create a high performance and dynamic work environment, as it is required by a company of this scale. All this, without sacrificing the service quality that characterizes the work of Colombo Costruzioni S.p.A. In addition to enhancing the network performance within the main headquarter, the company wanted to run the best way possible its various construction sites, which have diversified plant installations and a great variety of infrastructures.


Colibrì ® PBX technology has proved to be the most advantageous solution since it is able to integrate the most diverse types of communication systems and to fully satisfy all the current and future needs of the company. The first implementation step was replacing the old main office telephone exchange (obsolete, with low performances and high maintenance costs) with the new Colibrì® phone system. The innate ability of Colibrì to adapt to customer requirements combined with the professionalism and expertise of DaBaTech specialists has allowed our clients to use this new system without being affected by the changes made. Colibrì has indeed allowed users to take full advantage of the benefits of the newly installed solution (remote extensions, unified address book management and a smart and functional web interface are just some of the innovations, that have been provided.) The next step was supplying the most significant construction site offices with Colibrì  telephone exchange (from 50 to 90 seats). You can interface Colibrì with attested phone lines of construction site offices and what is more, you can link it (through the internet) to the main office telephone exchange. Thanks to this solution every single construction site  can be reached directly from the outside through traditional telephone lines and, at the same time you can fully exploit the advantages of a PBX IP; for example you can have extensions at different locations, which are enabled to call each other over the Internet. When possible, traditional phone lines have been replaced by IP lines, this way it has been possible to  significantly reduce fees and subscription costs. 

In small construction sites, two of which were connected to the internet via satellite, DaBaTech has opted instead for a remote control for indoors by connecting IP phones directly to the telephone exchange located in Lecco Data Centre. Once this system became fully operational, other necessities came to light. There were dozens of subcontractors and external companies working in absolute coordination and more than 350 workers and technicians working in the same area. In case of an emergency (fire, earthquake, etc.) the company had to be able to check as quickly as possible the number of workers on the construction site. From this starting point DaBaTech has developed a further customized solution. Given that the access to the site is monitored through the use of badges and turnstiles, DaBaTech technicians have managed to develop a smart application that, by accessing directly to the information transmitted by the turnstiles using a text to speech, reads the personal details of the people, who are still working on the construction site. This new functionality has been specially designed to satisfy the company’s needs and it is accessible from both inside and outside the telephone exchange thanks to passwords and IVR menus.


Colibrì® high-performance technology has allowed Colombo Costruzioni S.p.A to reach the required level of telecommunications technological development. Thanks to DaBaTech technicians and its customized solutions, the company has enhanced its efficiency, has increased its security level and above all was able to make use of all the flexible and advanced solutions offered by Colibrì®. Behind Colibrì user-friendly interface, there’s great teamwork and an efficient technical and commercial organization.

Milan - Unicredit building

Milan - Isozaki tower

Milan - Isozaki Tower