Lyra and Colibrì, integration between CRM and VOIP

Thanks to a new partnership between DaBatech and Softeam, it's now possible to integrate the VoIP ColibrìPBX solutions with Lyra CRM.

In addition to all the technological advantages of a VoIP switchboard (the decreasing of the phone costs and of the infrastructural investments, new application features, voice mail with the integration of e-mail service, the possibility to set up advanced settings...), the integration between Lyra and ColibrìPBX allows to call directly from the CRM and to find the Activities form just filled out, where the user would have the possibility to add text notes related to the phone call.

For incoming calls, if the calling number is just registered in the CRM database, Lyra will open directly the caller form, showing immediately all information about the customer: Company data, a brief summary of recent activities, associated documents, possible "alerts" ...allowing a tailor made and professional solution.

ColibrìPBX-Lyra integration also permit to optimise and speed up CRM tasks, reducing the time of seeking information and interacting in real time with customer's data.

Which are the major operating benefits of ColibrìPBX-Lyra integration?

  • Direct call from Customer data form (Clik to Dial).
  • Pop Up of the data rofm and of the LRU (Last Recently Used) activities when the call is incoming identifying the calling number.
  • Log of the history of made and received calls in relation with the customer.
  • Text notes about in/out calls.
  • Interaction between PC and telephone.