Other Options for Communications


There are other options for communications in addition to the telephone infrastructure which can improve the image and quality of your organization.

Our quality certification of the LAN and fiber optic cabling guarantees better and more dependable communication.

Intercom and  Videointercom over-ip can be configurated into the telephone system, providing services that were unimmaginable just a few year ago.

The access control and clock-in systems contribute to monitor the companies activity, and they are useful instruments in raising the quality standard.

Pager technology, far from being outdated, remains an important instrument to allow prompt intervention, especially in the medical field.

In a continuously evolving market, choosing the appropriate products to suit your needs isn’t a simple task. For this reason, we offer you a consultation service based on our experience and professionality, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

Finally, we give particular attention to the Unified Communications world, with the possibility of integrating the respective applications, both free and complete versions.

Beyond the traditional world of telephones, we’ve added additional communication alternatives.

Our commitment is to answer to as many of your communication needs as possible.

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