Intercoms and video doorphones


Not everyone knows that, thanks to IP technology, intercoms and video doorphones can connect with the corporate telephone infrastructure.

In this case, the intercom works as if it were a telephone extension, offering countless possibilities.

For example, you can control company access from one or more phone locations.

Also if the office is closed and you still want to be accessible from the intercom, you can reply from another location or a cellphone. From which, you can respond or allow access.

With a keypad with built-in intercom, you can type the gate or door opening code.

Installing a video door phone, it’s enough to have a videophone in order to obtain both access control and a post-operator station from one location.

Our intercoms and video doorphones are aimed at integrating quality, efficiency and elegance.

The products can be either indoor or outdoor, with built-in or wall mounting.

Working in an IP environment, they can be connected to a wide range of external components.

In particular, our proposed product (2N®) integrates with: access control systems, electronic locks, lighting, security systems, video surveillance, IP telephones, fingerprint readers, RRG readers, smartphones and tablets.

From idea to design, choice and installation. Even in this area, DaBaTech can help you find the right solution.

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