Some of the major companies that use our Communication Technology systems

Colombo Costruzioni (LC). General contractor with 350/400 workmen a day on construction site. Headquarters in Lecco with about 180 extensions. We manage all the company’s telecommunication for a total of 450 extensions and 90 lines located in the headquarters and 6 construction fields based in different Italian areas (ex. Torre Isozaki, CityLife – Palazzo Unicredit, Porta Garibaldi, in Milan; new Lavazza Headquarters in Torino; etc). The switchboard is also connected with a security and access control, developed by our technicians, under requirement of Colombo Costruzioni, who needs the presences screen in emergency situation.


Rerman Ascensori (BS) is a leading Company in lifts, escalators, platforms and good hoists design and installation. In the midst of its internationalization process, is now working not only in Italy but also in Oman, Morocco, Malta, East Europe and it’s making its way to new markets. Together with the need to adapt its own telephone system to the requirement  of a Company in full development, it has selected Dabatech and Colibrì PBX switchboard. 20 extensions, 8 VoIP lines, GSM gateway for back-up.


Bottega Informatica (BS). Outsourcing tribute call center for several big Italian town like Genova, Bologna and so on. (an average of 5.800 calls a day, 1.600.000 dealed in the last 6 months).


Silvani Antincendi (VA). Italian Multinational who works with fire control systems. For this corporation we manage a total of 120 extensions and 35 lines


RSA San Giuseppe (BG) is a residential health home with a capacity of 250 bed accommodations, positioned in two buildings with four floors. We paid particular attention to the mobility of each operator, preparing a DECT infrastructure (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication) that make all the wireless telephones work in every indoor and outdoor place. We manage Company telecommunications on a total of 90 extensions and 6 lines.