VoIP switchboard main features

Asterisk is the core engine of the majority of the VoIP features.

Colibrì is Asterisk-based and compatible with the most diverse systems. It integrates the traditional usage of a switchboard with cutting-edge and reliable features in order to unify business communications.

No limitations and/or license fees for new lines, telephone extensions, additional services, new features (including the future ones), etc.

Colibrì PBX main features

  • Fully autonomous management of telephone extensions for each authorized user
  • Voicemail (with e-mail service integration)
  • Incoming Faxes via e-mail or web interface
  • Outgoing Faxes via web interface
  • Unified Communications and SMS Messaging between telephone extensions and groups of extensions  
  • Encrypted Voice traffic using 128-bit AES (if the VoIP provider permits it).
  • Call Recording can be activated always or per call.
  • FollowMe system in order to be always easily traceable.
  • Shared and/or individual system Address Book for each user (importable from Outlook, Google, etc.).  
  • Click to Call.
  • Click to Fax.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Customizable voice announcements
  • Caller ID on Call Waiting.
  • Call Waiting Management (Queue position announcement, Call Centers, etc.).
  • Call Detail Records (CDRS).
  • Audio Tele Conferencing.
  • Authentication (access to services through passwords and security codes).
  • Remote technical support by telephone to reduce the number of on-site visits.
  • Full Integration with Less Cost Routing (LCR) via GSM, VoIP, etc.
  • Advanced User Interface
  • Interfacing with other Software (Management, MUA, CRM, etc.).