Steel: The building sites PBX solution

Thanks to Colibrì PBX you will have a safe and reliable communication system that is clear, precise, quick and intuitive.

A solution specifically designed for construction sites and suitable for extreme and loud workplaces (factories, oil fields, farms, etc.).

Colibrì PBX STEEL CONFIGURATION offers in addition to basic features, the most technologically advanced switchboards:

  • Wireless network coverage across building sites through DECT.
  • Ability to enable to call to all extensions simultaneously (essential in reporting an ongoing emergency).  
  • ACS interface

In construction sites is fundamental to supply and configure adequate materials to environmental conditions.

STEEL CONFIGURATION shows its full potential through DaBaTech, which supply a custom designed and tested solution:

  • Wireless terminals designed to work even in harsh environmental conditions (IP64 Certification: waterproof and resistant to dust, vibrations and shocks).
  • Visual call alert devices which are pivotal in very loud environments.
  • OneButton devices for emergency calls with pre-recorded messages and for mono or bidirectional communications.