Quick and clever: the Desk-office solution

With Colibrì PBX each workplace can handle its own communication quickly and cleverly.

This solution is designed to handle your business communications  in the best way, both in the relationship with stakeholders and in the business fixed costs optimization.

Colibrì PBX Quick & Clever is the configuration that gives you the possibility to handle communications in a multi-company system:

  • Incoming calls distinction, depending on the dialed number and routing in different menus with integrated and customized messages.
  • A single contact center. That’s possible thanks to the feature that shows you on a display the company you’re looking for and enables the multi-company  voicemail to answer specifically and properly in accordance with the sought company.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly accounting of each company consumption.
  • Customized voicemail for each company.
  • Set up day and night messages based on opening and closing times.
  • Costs optimisation with integration of different types of lines and least cost routing service, based on the settings.
  • Separate answer groups based on the dialed number.

With Colibrì PBX Quick & Clever suppliers, customers and partners won’t even perceive that there’s just one switchboard at work.