Call center

Colibrì PBX allows you to handle, track, monitor, store and virtually analyze an endless stream of calls.

Customized solutions always adapted to the customer needs, which can be integrated with the best applications available on the market.

Colibrì PBX for Callcenters

The call center configuration answers the basic needs of this business. for the operative part, namely the interface between call center and customer, you will have in real time:

  • Queue management system
  • Display showing the waiting calls number
  • Display showing the in line waiting time of customers
  • Call forwarding of users on other workstations

Colibrì PBX call center configuration allows the tutor or the system administrator to connect in the agent’s call without distracting them and without making the user aware of it. it’s useful to control every agent, but also to allow the tutor to support, advise and direct each one of them.

With colibrì pbx call center you will be able to analyze every data provided by all calls through:

  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports
  • Geographical areas and duration based reports
  • Request type reports

Everything required by the management to run the business activity. colibrì pbx system enable you to save any communication data including voice exchange.